Two-star Michelin chef Stefan van Sprang

Stefan is known for his light, inventive and eclectic cooking style. Each dish is carefully selected whereby all the tastes combine to create a culinary experience which will suprise and delight you.

His signature recipes, respect for seasonal products and  flavor nuances are characteristic for the menu’s at Aan de Poel** and De Kersentuin, where he serves a range of local and international top-level dishes from his creative mind.

Aan de Poel

In Amstelveen, close to Amsterdam, boasts Stefan first restaurant: Aan de Poel. Internationally known for it’s 2 Michelin stars. The view over the water, which is a feast for the eyes every season, comes for free, while on your other hand is the view over the open kitchen where you can see the chefs making their magic. In an atmosphere of smooth lines, warm tones and round tables you are treated to a first class gastronomically trip.


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